Stephanie Beingness color

Hi Stephanie, so this one is another beingness color of yours. But is actually a little bit more 'hidden' and less 'obvious'. Yet, actually came up as 'relevant' for you right now. And it turned out to be a whole sort of 'story' lol. All in just one color! Wow. Anyways, so this is the 'signature expression' of this color:

Wanting to just take in everything and everyone into oneself, and be like just a big warm blanket that covers everything and everyone. And just be like the sun, warming everything and everyone around you. Bringing warmth to the lives of those around you. Because, that's what makes you feel 'complete'. When you know that you can 'take care of' those around you, and when you can sort of 'spread your warmth' and extend it towards others. As though you're a fireplace, emanating warmth unconditionally and 'blanketing' others with it. It's simply what you 'enjoy' doing. It's what feels most 'natural' to you. To not hold back and to just 'unconditionally', without reserve, 'nurture' and 'warm' the hearts of those around you.

To be sort of the 'spark' that lights the fire in the hearts of others, and to in a way create that 'connection' that goes 'straight to the heart'. Something that's literally 'heart-warming'. It's just what brings you joy and it's something you feel is simply your 'purpose' as a being. And although it does make you feel 'vulnerable', it's just what makes the most 'sense' to you. So there is like a 'sensitivity' within it that you kind of just have to 'embrace' as 'part of it'. Cause there's a 'fear' of sort of not being able to establish that 'connection'. A fear that other people's hearts are 'cold' - 'too cold' for you to be able to 'warm them'. And so because of this fear, there's a 'holding back' of your 'warmth'. An 'apprehensiveness'. Also a 'doubt'. Like you're doubting yourself and it's sort of 'messing with' your ability to express and live and embrace this part of you. So because of these fears and doubts, you've almost entirely 'covered up' this part of you.

Cause I suppose it just doesn't seem 'realistic' to you, to actually live this. To actually live THIS 'vulnerably'. So on some level you've made a 'decision' that 'in this world, I cannot actually in fact live, express or experience this part of me'. Cause you're used to people pushing this part of you away. So you sort of pretend not to care as much as you actually do. And you 'hide it', your 'care', cause it's in a way your most 'vulnerable' part of you. Because there is in fact SO MUCH FEAR surrounding it. Fears which you've come to 'accept' as 'real'. Fears which tell you that it's impossible to really live who you know you really are. That there's no 'hope', and that you shouldn't even try. That it's too overwhelming, the fear. And that there's no way around it. That there's just no solution here. And that this part of you should rather remain buried. Even though, you KNOW it's there. And you know you're denying yourself 'something'. Something real. So now you're having to basically first light the flame back into your own heart, and ignite the fire of this expression of yours.

An expression wherein there exists no such thing as fear, or doubt. Where there is only an eternal 'warmth', embracing everything in and around you. Like the sun touching everything. But, you have to allow it to embrace 'you' first. You have to 'become' it first, and allow yourself to let go of fear and be vulnerable. And find 'strength' in that vulnerability.  Cause it's in letting go of fear that real 'care' can emerge. And find a resolve to live this expression as you and live the 'real you', no matter what.